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Scatter team moving to ULTRA sisterchain. Wallet to turn into a community project

photo 2020-02-05 20.11.02

Today the Ultra announced that the two faces of Scatter: Nathan and Rami James are going to move and work for the ULTRA platform. When asked, Rami released an article that explains the situation and future plans for Scatter.

It seems like the transition is already happening with himself moving over to the ULTRA team, while Nathan will still be working on a few more updates for Scatter. When these updates will be delivered to the community, Nathan will join the ULTRA team as well.

According to Rami, they already have plans that will make the loved wallet into a community project. Meaning it’s going to be funded and developed by the community.

We’ve already reviewed ULTRA in this article. Read it to find out why the project is so exciting and understand why Rami and Nathan decided to move and work with this EOSIO side chain.

Sources: https://t.me/eosgo_turbo/2178 Article: https://medium.com/@ramijames/ultra-bd4bdb3b30b7

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