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EOSIO 2 Release-Candidate 3 and EOSIO v1.8.7 Stable Release

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Block.One recently released the new release candidate for EOSIO 2 which includes security, stability and miscellaneous fixes as well as the stable release of EOSIO v1.8.7 which contains other stability fixes.

EOSIO 2 Fixes and Other Changes

Security bug fixes

  1. Consolidated Security Fixes for 2.0.x

Stability bug fixes

  1. Net plugin sync

    • Fix issue with getting in infinite loop while processing handshake
    • Guard against overflow of handshake generation count
    • Fix problem with self connection logic
    • Better handling of sync/head-catchup transition.
  2. Net plugin handshake

    • Send handshake when done syncing for case where node has moved while syncing
    • When unable to fetch a block during sync send handshake. This was sending a go away message before which was too aggressive.
    • Clear out queue buffer always on async write callback otherwise non-empty queue prevents send on re-connect.
    • Fix calculation of peer lib on lib catchup
  3. net_plugin lib sync

    • Fix for corner case of request next chuck during sync determining already caught up to lib.
  4. net_plugin boost asio error handling

    • Use error codes & catch exceptions from boost asio to avoid terminate on errors.
  5. net_plugin thread protection peer logging variables

    • Protect access to logging variables used by peer_?log macros
  6. Fix race in fc::message_buffer and move message_buffer_tests to fc.

  7. reset the new handler

Other changes

  1. Fixed under min available test to not count failed attempts as actual sends
  2. return more from producer_plugin's get_runtime_options()
  3. chainbase sync to pick up DB shrink fix while in heap mode
  4. debug level logging for launcher service
  5. explictly use openssl 1.1 via brew on macos
  6. Update CentOS version for CI.
  7. Travis updates.
  8. Extend shutdown allowed time in under min available resources test
  9. net_plugin speed up shutdown
  10. Retries and Contract Builders for Tags
  11. increase tester state size - 2.0
  12. (2.0.x) Modification to trigger LRTs and Multiver on any protected branch that is not a scheduled run


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