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Pomelo Season 1 Starts: Now Open for Grant Proposals


As of November 7, Pomelo has opened granting proposals with a matching pool of $500,000 for the EOS Community. Anyone can submit a request for funding for the development of their own project.

Pomelo is inspired by Gitcoin and will be completely community-focused. The crowdfunding system is based on Quadratic Funding, an algorithm that favors projects funded by multiple contributors over simply the amount of funding received.

This first season of Pomelo will run from November 7th to November 28th, in the meantime anyone can add funds to the initial matching pool of $500,000 that was originally donated by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF). In less than a week over 50+ funding proposals have already been submitted by community members and teams, at the end of the season the Pomelo team will analyze the results and distribute the matching pool funds to qualified grants.

"I believe that Pomelo will be a very powerful tool for pushing EOS forward by funding and empowering hundreds and eventually thousands of individuals to be incentivized to work within the EOS ecosystem." - Yves La Rose, CEO at EOS Network Foundation



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