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DAOBet new EOSIO chain launched its mainnet


DAOBet, a new EOSIO chain, has recently launched its mainnet. The focus of this chain is entirely on the Blockchain Gaming Industry, with the aim of ensuring transaction automation, verifiability and seamless interactions between all participants in the industry, from players, bankroll stakers to game developers and providers.

Being an EOSIO chain, DAOBet inherits the EOS features with some differences including:

  • RANDPA algorithm
  • Sponsorship Tx
  • Dynamic number of validators
  • Additional VOTE resource


"RANDPA is a mechanism for the quick finalization of blocks. Built on the basis of the pBFT protocol, it allows to agree on the finalization of a chain of several blocks at once in one round."

More on RANDPA...

Sponsorship Tx

"Transaction sponsorship is a mechanism that allows users to sponsor any transaction with a third party via CPU and NET bandwidth. This means that CPU and NET costs will be fully covered by the sponsoring account."

More on Sponsorship Tx

Dynamic number of validators

The number of validators is determined by the Activated Stake. The activated stake is the share of stakes that have been staked in voting. In this way the number of validators will be dynamic, starting from a minimum of 21 and reaching a maximum of 102. For each unitary percentage increment of Activated Stake, 3 more validators are added.

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Additional VOTE resource

"DAObet has revised the mechanism of staking and voting. Now the CPU and NET have no weight when voting for a validator and serve only to ensure bandwidth. An additional VOTE resource was introduced in DAObet especially for voting, which is staked on a par with CPU and NET and is used only for voting."

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