LynxChain is now live


Lynx Wallet CEO Fred Krueger announced on Twitter the launch of LynxChain, a new EOSIO based blockchain entirely focused on User Experience and dApps. Through their website, users can download the Lynx Wallet currently available on Desktop, iOS and Android.

There are a total of 16 Block Producers working in the chain at the moment, including GreyMass, EOS Cafe, EOS USA, EOS Sw / eden, and CryptoLions, known for their previous experience on the EOS mainnet.

The goal of LynxChain is to be a blockchain focused on dApps and easy to use for any user, for this reason there are some key features different from other blockchains, including:

  • Users can create 3 Free accounts with a phone number.
  • Every user has a short account name and a display name
  • Users can upload avatars to the chain
  • There is no RAM, CPU, NET, or Staking
  • Users have referral links, and each new user invited will receive 1 LNX token (21 million total)

"The framework we have built is what we really wanted EOS to be 18 months ago. We believe free accounts, short user names and a simplified resource model is a requirement for mass adoption. We have a LOT of ideas for games, we’re hopefully launching “Chirp” (a “Voice” competitor with no KYC) in the next few days, we have over 20 EOS dApps in the pipeline."


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