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EOS DeFi Transaction Volume Surged to $3B in Q3 2020


DappRadar published the Dapp Industry report for Q3 2020. Most DApps activity is found on Ethereum, EOS and Tron, and in particular on EOS the transaction volume for DeFi dapps surged to around $3 Billion only in this last quarter.

EOS -DeFi-Ecosystem-Transaction-Volume-Bn-USD-copy

For all these three blockchains, 2020 was very positive in terms of dApps activity, especially in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) category. Among the 3 quarters ended, Q3 was definitely the most active. On Ethereum the Total Value Locked on DeFi projects surged by 380% from the end of Q2 2020 reaching $10 billion at the end of Q3 2020. The activity on Tron was mainly driven by High-Risk dApps, especially after the launch of Tron 4.0, and could strengthen its reputation as "Las Vegas on the blockchain". On EOS the transaction volume of the DeFi and DEX categories grew by 452% compared to Q2, reaching almost $3 billion. Most of the transaction volume comes from Newdex and Defibox.


The activity of games on EOS decreased compared to Q2, mainly due to the decrease of the Daily Active Wallets on EOS Dynasty. On the contrary Upland has had a constant increase of users, which grew by 59% to 2,700. The Volume transaction also grew by 22%, thanks to ChainZ Arena which generated $1 million in Q3 2020.

EOS -Games-Transaction-Volume-M-USD-copy

In the past years the Gambling category was the one that dominated the activity on EOS. During 2020 it has been steadily decreasing, now counting about 1,900 Daily Active Wallets. On the contrary, the transaction volume is growing, exceeding $400 million.

EOS -Gambling-Daily-Active-Wallets-copy


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