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Newdex Back Fully Committed on EOS


The Newdex team recently announced the termination of its DEX service dedicated to Binance Smart Chain, in order to return to fully commit to supporting and innovating the EOS ecosystem.

A few months ago Newdex had expanded the operations of its order-book Decentralized Exchange also to the Binance Smart Chain, as a first step for a multi-chain plan. Unfortunately in these months, the new service of Newdex on Binance has not been able to receive enough attention. For this reason the team decided to shut down Newdex on BSC as of December 7th 2021 and use all collected fees to buy and burn their native DEX token.

Following the shut down of Newdex BSC-Beta, the team will return to being fully dedicated to optimizing and upgrading the existing platform on EOS. Announcing that they will innovate on the premise of complying with the regulatory policies of various regions, and contribute to the ecological prosperity once again.


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