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LiquidApps released vCPU to horizontally scale dApps


LiquidApps recently released their new technical solution to horizontally scale decentralized applications: vCPU. This has been made possible through the DAPP Network; DSPs receive requests from the dApp, they handle computations in parallel on a second layer, and return the results on chain.

*"Thanks to vCPU, blockchain developers can finally take advantage of parallelism to speed up their processing without compromising on decentralization." *

This is an extremely flexible solution, as dApps can choose any DSP to complete their operations, even more than one at the same time to increase decentralization and redundancy. In this way developers have access to a quantity of computing resources not previously found in any blockchain, to develop apps that could only be imagined before!

To demonstrate how vCPU can work, the LiquidApps team has already deployed a fully functional, immortal Chess desktop dApp with PvP and AI. All of this was released immediately after LiquidApps CTO Tal Muskal took up the challenge of Rami James, from the Scatter team, to build a chess game based on EOS. Tal was mainly focused on solving the extreme CPU consumption needed to store every move on the blockchain; in a single day he claimed to have found a solution, and after less than a week LiquidApps released vCPU.

Rami Chess Challenge, and Tal announces to have found a solution for the CPU consumption


rami-chess-challenge copia


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