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Lifebank built on EOSIO running for UNICEF Innovation Fund


The winners of Block.One's recent EOSIO Hackchaton: Lifebank, announced their participation in the UNICEF Innovation Fund, for startups that have the potential to benefit humanity.

Lifebank is a solution designed by EOS Costa Rica, which aims to solve the shortage of blood donations that resulted worldwide due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. By using the EOSIO blockchain technology, LifeBank users can create EOS accounts to manage their entire blood donation process.

Red Cross itself recently reported the urgency of a similar solution, given the shortage of blood supplies for at least two days behind schedule.

"To help encourage continued donations, Lifebank connects blood donors to donation centers and local businesses, using smart contracts to provide consent between donation centers and blood donors. Those who donate blood using Lifebank will receive tokens to redeem at local businesses." - Edgar Fernandez, EOS Costa Rica co-founder.

The UNICEF Innovation Fund provides early stage (seed) financing and mentoring for up to $100K equity-free investments. Investments will be granted not only in USD, but also in cryptocurrencies, either Bitcoin or Ethereum, through the Unicef CryptoFund.

Receiving additional funds for Lifebank could be crucial to its success, which could certainly prove once again how effective the EOSIO blockchain is in a variety of situations.


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