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LatamLink, the first alliance between block producers in Latin America


Three Latin American block producers decided to join forces and form the first alliance between block producers: LatamLink. The goal of LatamLink is to offer an EOSIO-based testnet to the LAC-Chain network to promote the use of EOSIO in Latin America.

LatamLink is led by EOS Argentina, EOS Costa Rica and EOS Venezuela, 3 prominent EOS block producers, who have developed tools such as EOS Rate, Evolution Dex or the Moneda PAR EOSIO implementation.

LAC-Chain is an initiative of (Inter-American Development Bank) IDB Lab, to promote the use of the blockchain in Latin American and the Caribbean countries. The presentation of this iniative took place at the FOROMIC 2018 conference. Behind LAC-Chain there is the support of important organizations, such as: Alastria Consortium, ConsenSys, Everis, NTT Data, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and RSK, and will soon also include the Ethereum Foundation, Hyperledger, the MIT Media Lab, IBM and Accenture.

"Blockchain technology has the extraordinary potential to provide vulnerable populations excluded from the formal system with access to financial and non-financial services, digital identity, and ownership of their own data. However, this does not mean that the technology’s enabling environment—its ecosystem—is ready and available to everyone, so together with our international partners we have decided to launch this Global Knowledge Alliance for the Development of the Blockchain Ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC-Chain)." - Irene Arias, IDB Lab manager

Leveraging the relevance of LAC-Chain, the team behind LatamLink aims to highlight the benefits of the EOSIO technology by implementing an EOSIO-based testnet for LAC-Chain. LatamLink already includes useful tools and resources, such as:

  • A network monitor and block explorer.
  • Adaptability to #EOS wallets.
  • A dfuse endpoint for using high-performance queries in the testnet

The LatamLink testnet will allow a permisioning comitee to authorize actors that write and validate new blocks to the blockchain through system contracts based on Proof-of-Authority (POA) consensus mechanisms. Any developer can then deploy smart contracts within the testnet, and everyone will have access to LatamLink.


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