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WAX partners with trading card producer leader Topps


WAX unveiled its long awaited secret partnership with Topps, the leading trading card producer for MLB, Star Wars, WWE and more brands. What does this partnership involve? And what will be the benefits for WAX?

With this partnership Topps will bring its trading card portfolio to the WAX Blockchain. Collectors and fans will be able to discover and trade their cards officially, instantly, securely and across borders. Indeed these digital cards will be for all intents and purposes NFTs released on the WAX blockchain. **The digital cards are authenticated and tracked using WAX Blockchain technology to ensure providence and security.

The first collection of digital cards will be released by Topps during Spring 2020. Fans will be able to purchase them by simply using their credit card and creating an account with WAX Cloud Wallet. You can already put yourself on the waiting list by registering on: topps.wax.io

"The blockchain records every aspect of every card’s transaction and stores it forever. These blockchain records can’t be changed by anyone, and can be seen by everyone. Therefore, since the blockchain removes all uncertainty, there’s no need to take a chance with a buyer or seller or blindly trust another trader."


Why the WAX Blockchain?

From topps.wax.io

When blockchain technology meets collectibles like Topps trading cards, collectors can:

  • Trade collectibles instantly, with anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Trade with ease from a smartphone or computer - for free!
  • Trade with confidence that every collectible is certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered
  • View a collectible's full ownership records and trading history


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