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Reddit activity on EOS got back on track, Voice on EOS?


Recently, with the EOS market picking up, not only the topic of Twitter discussing EOS began to become more, the Reddit community also began to rise in discussion. The technical advantages of EOS became once again a hot topic of discussion and many people praised EOSIO as a blockchain platform designed for the real world uses, with industry-leading speed and secure application processing capabilities.

Not only are posts related to technical discussions growing, but so are EOS knowledge posts and EOS advocacy posts. This indicates that the EOS Reddit community is starting to come back to life, which also indicates that the many communities of EOS are moving in a positive direction.


With the launch of the killer EOS app ProFi Bullish, the EOS community will only get more active, in the future. While also Voice recently confirmed it will be compatible with the EOS mainnet.



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