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New EOS Resource Model Proposal: EOS PowerUp Model


Block.One continues the journey towards the release of the new proposed resource model for EOS, now renamed as the EOS PowerUp Model. This resource model will improve the user experience and the efficiency of the resources on the EOS mainnet.

At the moment, the EOS resource model allocates resources proportionally to the token holders that stake their EOS. With this mechanism, however, most of the resources remain unused, increasing the costs for those who really need them.

For some months now Block.One in collaboration with the Block Producers and the community is testing a new resource model that could dramatically improve the efficiency of the network. With the EOS PowerUp Model, users can power up their accounts for 24 hours, for a small fee in EOS. EOS token holders will be able to stake their tokens to earn a portion of all fees generated by the network through this mechanism.

In this way holding EOS tokens will no longer be equivalent to holding a portion of the network, but will be more similar to holding a right on the revenues generated by the whole network.

"I’ve adapted my EOS as real estate analogy to better describe http://block.one‘s proposed changes to the EOS resource model. Although not perfect, it may help some people better understand the proposed changes." - Kyle - EOS Community Member

To learn more, EOS Go had published an article that analyzed and explained this resource model: EOS new resource model 'rentbw', analyzed and explained!

With the EOS PowerUp Model it will be possible to further abstract the on-chain resource management from the end-user, improving the user experience for all users on the EOS public blockchain. Middleware will likely be established that will offer resource management automatically for dApps and new users. This would further reduce the cost of user onboarding, and enable applications developers to remove resource cost from the average user experience entirely. Making EOS the ideal platform for use case like programmable and decentralized finance.


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