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Multi-Million Dollar Partnership between the EOS Network Foundation & Object Computing


The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and Object Computing (OCI) have struck a new partnership to accelerate innovation on EOS. This follows the partnership from earlier in the year when the two parties partnered to enhance the EOS blockchain/network through the implementation of a new Transaction Lifecycle feature.

Successes with the Transaction Lifecycle, which is a feature that alerts a user about whether or not a transaction can be executed and again when it has been completed, have led to this new 2+ year multi-million dollar deal. The deal will see Object Computing focus on making EOS highly scalable, secure, and fast. To further cement EOS as the most performant and easy-to-use blockchain in the world.

The Object Computing team helped build EOS into one of the most battle-tested, reliable and longest running blockchains. Reaching a long-term strategic partnership with OCI is a major step towards ensuring EOS continues to innovate and thrive well beyond our hard fork on Sept 21!” - Yves La Rose (ENF Founder & CEO)

Last month, the ENF celebrated its one-year anniversary and it was an opportunity for EOS stakeholders to think back on all the work that the foundation has put in. That also included its earlier partnership with Object Computing, which has seen the software company contribute to both EOS and Antelope (formerly EOSIO) developments.

Object Computing builds high performance, real time, mission critical systems, and integrated application and software solutions that are open, scalable, reusable, interoperable, and affordable. Their clients include the likes of Cisco, ESPN, and Lockheed Martin, to name a few.

Considering all of their experiences and also business interactions with some of the biggest companies in the world, this multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership has the potential to put EOS at the forefront of mainstream business adoption. As the world steadily enters the era of blockchain technology, partnerships, especially long-term ones like with Object Computing, will translate very well into the future for EOS.

Open source is a commitment. Open source is a culture. All of us have a core belief that open source is a great alternative for our clients to build intelligent solutions. You’re enabling. You’re empowering the entire ecosystem.” - Ebrahim Moshiri (OCI Founder)

With the EOS consensus upgrade (hard fork) on September 21 fast approaching; the EOS network will move from EOSIO to the new Antelope blockchain protocol and see the implementation of Antelope’s Leap v3.1.

Yet impressively, the engineering teams of the EOS Network Foundation and Object Computing are already working on the foundations for Leap v3.2. Perhaps this is the best demonstration of the efficiency and capability that these two organizations have managed to deliver to the EOS ecosystem.


Object Computing and the ENF Strike Multi-Million Dollar Deal to Accelerate Innovation on EOS

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