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Brendan Blumer Celebrate the New Year: Controversy Surrounds EOS Marketing Issues


At the beginning of the New Year, Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer wished all EOS and BTC holders and users of the wider crypto community a happy new year, and mentioned the topic of EOS marketing. The topic sparked widespread discussion, with everyone interested in Block.one's marketing plans for EOS in 2021.

Happy New Year to everyone in the #EOS, #Bitcoin, and greater #Crypto community. As we all continue to contribute and grow the collective ecosystem, I am more excited year after year about the foundation we are laying to power a more transparent, equitable, and inclusive world.


In response to Brendan Blumer's tweet, Kyle Wallon left a comment saying.

Regarding transparency, you mentioned once that B1 would begin marketing EOS. Ever since B1 settled with the SEC we’ve seen little to no marketing in 2020. My opinion, B1 doesn’t want to get in trouble with the SEC. Will B1 at least start marketing the EOSIO software this year?

To this, Brendan Blumer replied with the following.

Our marketing plans are for our products that leverage #EOS and #EOSIO, when they are ready with regulatory approvals. Nothing has changed, but some timelines are outside of our control - very confident however. We don’t market EOS; we attended conferences before the pandemic.


After seeing Brendan Blumer's response, Kyle Wallon tweeted @Colin, a well-known YouTube blogger, to express his opinion. In response, Colin tweeted.

It sounds like, Block.one has no intention of directly marketing the EOS mainnet.

"We don't market EOS" - @BrendanBlumer

They will only market EOSIO.

And the closest they may come to marketing EOS mainnet is by attending EOS-related events.

Concerning to hear.


In response to Colin's tweet, BB was also quick to respond.

It’s unfortunate that you’ve misinterpreted our responsibility to the decentralized integrity of the largest public chain leveraging #EOSIO, as concerning. We think the opposite and are excited to demonstrate what #EOS is capable of in a safe, applicable, and powerful way.

Like the #EOS community looks for our supportive actions, we also look at how EOS BP’s and proxies foster potential. We’re excited to see how you continue to leverage your influence to maximise EOS’s growth; if we are both supportive and successful, then our efforts will compound


From Brendan Blumer's tweets and replies, it is easy to see that Block.One will not directly market the EOS mainnet in the future; the focus will remain on promoting and supporting blockchain projects that are allowed by regulators and that use the EOSIO or the EOS mainnet. What do you think about this?


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