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Ultra Integrates Cudo Mining Within Its Platform


The Ultra team integrated Cudo's mining technology to offer its users a new way to earn UOS tokens by sharing spare computing capacity.

Cudo provides a set of tools that allows users to monetize their computing capacity. Through the new integration on Ultra, the gaming community can earn extra UOS tokens by sharing their unused computing capacity. This would be used for a number of applications, typically 3x or 4x more profitable than cryptocurrency mining, such as video rendering, AI computing and medical research.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Ultra. This relationship provides Cudo with access to millions of gamers around the globe and enables them to participate in the sharing economy of computing power. We see a future in which it becomes second nature for gamers to use their spare computing power to pay for new games or items on the Ultra platform!” - Nuno Pereira, Cudo’s Vice President of Investment and Partnerships

The earnings in UOS can be then reused within the Ultra gaming platform, for example to buy games, in-game assets (NFTs), tip streamers, participate in tournaments. In addition, all CUDO users, about 140,000, will also be able to convert their revenues into UOS, thus increasing the Ultra token utility.


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