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LiquidApps best project of 2019?

top 5

On NewsBTC was recently published an article with the top 5 projects that crushed it during 2019. These are the projects that even during the bear market have managed to build great solutions and great products. Therefore a must to keep an eye on during 2020 that it is approaching.

At the first place of the top 5 projects there is LiquidApps, the team that started as a former block producer on EOS and moved on to develop the DAPP Network. They did this with the aim of creating new solutions to scale EOS and later evolved to scale and make interoperable every blockchain!

In the other top spots we find other exciting projects such as:

  • Remme: Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Matic Network: Ethereum scalable solution with Plasma and PoS sidechains
  • Chainlink: Smart Contract middleware to real world data
  • Synthetix: Decentralized synthetic assets within Ethereum


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