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ENF Announces Sponsored Working Groups


The EOS Network Foundation has announced new plans to improve the EOS ecosystem through sponsorship across four working groups (WG+): API+, Wallet+, Core+ and Audit+.

These Working Groups will bring together the most trusted and experienced developers within EOSIO to work on each of the four pillars. They will start by creating a blue paper to analyze the current state of the aspect under consideration, and then propose a detailed plan for how to bring about actual improvements. The blue papers will have to be released before Chinese New Year.

The 4 Core Pillars are:

  1. Core+ will work with software that maintains and allows applications to run on EOS. The team group will be led by Zaisan.

  2. Audit+ will provide an overall framework for security analysis tooling and contract audits for EOS applications. The team group will be led by Sentnl and Slowmist.

  3. Wallet+ will work with software for the integration of EOS into external applications. The team group will be led by Greymass.

  4. API+ will work with software that provides data from EOS for external applications. The team group will be led by Greymass, EOS Nation and EOS Rio.

Plus Aaron Cox from Greymass,, will serve as the lead project manager for he working groups to ensure consistency and communication across all groups involved.

Each working group has been allocated $250,000, deposited into an account with MSIG so that it can only be used with group consent. This allows each working group to autonomously work under a DAO-like structure that requires consensus building and accountability.


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