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Is Block.One and Northern Data Bitcoin Mining moving forward?


Recently Northern Data released new updates on their partnership with Block.One regarding Bitcoin mining which was announced for 2021. Will we soon be able to see a new mining system powered by EOSIO?

According to recent updates, Northern Data will buy 100% of Decentric Europe BV from Block.One and will consequently purchase all GPU hardware in their possession. In total the deal will see the purchase of approximately 223,000 GPU cards produced by AMD and Nvidia, which will be installed by the end of the third quarter of 2021.

The transaction will be completed for a total of € 195 million in cash, in addition to € 170 million in new shares from a capital increase. Moreover, Block.One will hold an interest of approximately 18.2% in Northern Data.

The set of computing power held by Northern Data however apparently will not be used solely for blockchain applications, but according to the announcement they are looking for additional uses such as rendering, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things. So it is still unclear where this initiative fits in with Block.One's initial idea to build a Bitcoin mining mechanism powered by EOSIO. (see also: Block.One Bitcoin Mining Solution Powered by EOSIO, BTC soon on EOS?).

“I’m excited to see Northern Data continuing to expand its global capabilities to better serve its growing customer base. Offering HPC infrastructure solutions that use 100% renewable sources of energy is fundamental to sustainably meeting the growing demand for AI and blockchain computational processing” - Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one


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