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Block.One releases new information about EOSIO 2.1


Block.One continues relentlessly to bring new improvements to EOSIO, now publishing the release candidate for EOSIO 2.1. In this release new features will be implemented to make it easier to build large-scale applications on the platform, and to maintain them once they're deployed.

"We continue to address developer and industry needs while enhancing the overall capabilities of EOSIO, to make it faster, more configurable, and accessible to a wider range of developers as well as public and private institutions. EOSIO will persist as a blockchain protocol suitable for the growth of both open networks and private enterprises."

The Release Candidate of this version is accessible on Github for testing. In addition to these new tools that make EOSIO faster and more configurable, a new feature has been introduced exclusively for private chains. This feature will allow private blockchain administrators to remove a specifically designated section of data, without compromising the integrity of the chain.

The other features instead want to optimize blockchain data storage, simplify table management, and provide clustering options for system administrators.

New Features:

  • Key Value Tables
  • Action Return Values
  • RocksDB Storage for DB and Key Value APIs
  • Nodeos Failover Solution
  • Prune Context-Free Data
  • Instrumentation Support for Nodeos
  • Fill-pg


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