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CEO & Founder of the EOS Network Foundation shares statement addressing legal battle against Block.one


Yves La Rose, CEO and founder of the EOS Network Foundation, has published a statement regarding the recent announcement of a possible litigation against Block.one for its lack of support to the EOS community, financial or otherwise.

In the statement Yves La Rose iterates that the ENF advocates on behalf of the EOS network and its participants. Further stating that – “Block.one’s broken promises affected all network participants.” And because of this he feels the Foundation has the moral right to conduct a review of how the wrongs done to the EOS community can be corrected.

“The facts of the situation are that Block.one made representations that it would invest in the EOS network and EOS community members took action based on their belief in those promises. This issue extends well beyond the initial token offering” - Yves La Rose (EOS Network Foundation CEO & Founder)

After the initial announcement was made, the EOS community and wider blockchain community had the idea that the ENF would be litigating Block.one for the full amount it raised in the ICO back in 2017-2018. However, in his statement Yves makes it clear that the ENF is yet to determine the exact value of any potential claim.

“The purpose of our announcement is to let the EOS community members know that we are aware of their concerns that they were wronged and to gauge the network’s level of interest in pursuing legal recourse, where it may be available.” – Yves La Rose

Yves has declared that going forward the community will be involved in this process as they consult with its members and stakeholders to find the best way forward for EOS. As stated in our previous article of the announcement, the ENF has enlisted the services of a top Canadian Law firm to weigh such options for legal proceedings against Block.one.


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