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bountyblok New Tool For WAX NFTs Drop


The WAX ecosystem continues to constantly innovate on the NFTs landscape, the bountyblok team recently released a new tool to facilitate the drop of WAX-based NFTs also for non-developers.

In recent months we have seen a continuous evolution in the field of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on WAX. The community has continued to release new platforms to facilitate the creation and exchange of NFTs, while large tech companies are releasing digital collectibles on WAX, such as Topps and Atari.

If you'd like to read more about them, head to Wrapping Up the Year on WAX.io .

Given the increase of collectors users on WAX, the bountyblok team decided to release a tool to facilitate the deployment, distribution and management of NFTs: the bountyblok NFT Drop.

Through this tool, it will be possible with an intuitive UI release NFTs with:

  • Randomization: Provide users with a provably fair outcome based on random.org’s atmospheric noise algorithms
  • Mint NFTs on-demand: Generate each NFT when they are needed based on user interaction and promotional giveaway structures
  • Send packs or custom NFTs: Recreate the nostalgia of opening a pack of trading cards by providing a pack built from specific contracts/tokens
  • Sort accounts and assets by minting number: Build your NFT generation rate to reflect the rarity/collectability/uniqueness that you want
  • Blacklist accounts: Need to block bad actors? Need to abide by certain regulations? We’ve built in some tools to help
  • Create snapshots: Save time and by saving account sets for future re-use

This tool leverages the NFT standard AtomicAssets, thus fostering the adoption of these new NFTs on secondary marketplaces. Moreover, it could facilitate and speed up the birth of new NFTs launched by the community on WAX.


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