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Bitfinex Liquidity Directly on EOS via eosfinex Starting Tomorrow!


The eosfinex team announced the launch of the beta version of its decentralized exchange for tomorrow at 11.30 am UTC. EOS accounts will have direct access to the entire Bitfinex liquidity!

The announcement of the new version of eosfinex allowing access to Bitfinex liquidity was presented already during July. The solution is truly innovative, indeed, it would allow for the first time to take advantage of the performance of what was previously a centralized exchange, with the potential of blockchain decentralization. In this way users will have all the advantages of a centralized exchange mixed with those of a decentralized exchange. Users will be able to trade using Bitfinex systems, while maintaining full custody and control of their assets at all times.

"This could become the state-of-the-art for a new decentralized exchange model that works in combination with centralized architectures. In fact, order matching will continue to be off-chain using Bitfinex's matching engine technology to ensure high performance, but custody and settlement will be on-chain." - Bitfinex liquidity, EOS security with eosfinex

In addition, Bitfinex is setting the first good example to all other centralized exchanges that might adopt a similar solution to the one Bitfinex has undertaken with eosfinex. Indeed, if users will be able to trade while keeping full custody of their assets, we could completely solve any hack risk for exchanges, and open their services to anyone in the world. It is still not clear if we will need to do some sort of KYC with our accounts, hopefully this will not be necessary.

Also, given the growth of activity on EOS DeFi, eosfinex could bring a new boost that will help EOS demonstrate what performance it is capable of, and how it can become a thriving hub for DeFi projects.

If you want to be the first to test eosfinex, remember to mark the launch time, tomorrow October 8th at 11.30am UTC.


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