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Ultra: Why we chose EOSIO


The team of Ultra, the EOSIO blockchain for the video game industry, published an article that explains in detail how they are organized and why they chose different tools and technologies to develop their platform. So why did they choose EOSIO as their base blockchain software?


The choice to work with blockchain technology for the team was easy. Through a blockchain you can allow your users to really own games, as well as allowing for a greater flexibility of the associated assets. This is not possible through a Trusted Third Party (TTP).

Third party app developers can handle use those assets under all kinds of conditions, creating new and exciting business and gameplay opportunities.

It was probably more difficult to choose which blockchain technology to use. They were looking for a blockchain that could handle massive transaction speed that runs on a network full of Block Producers who are KYC'ed and held to account. In order to ensure a high level of performance of all applications in the network.

Another key feature is the ability to build stable businesses, without application developers on Ultra having to worry about the underlying blockchain. EOSIO, unlike other technologies such as Ethereum, allows to integrate updates to the system without having to apply hard-fork.

Given these needs, EOSIO seemed a great solution, but they still had to apply changes to the core protocols to adapt it to their idea of the ideal video game platform. Through their changes they reduced the cost of resources, with a new CPU/NET policy and RAM market. This simplifies the User Experience for end users, and facilitates application building for developers.


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