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EOS Go is expanding its presence to China


EOS Go is happy to announce its expansion to China! It's been two years since we started to publish daily news about EOS and EOSIO chains. Over time we have been able to grow, learn and improve our news & operations and now we are ready to bring our know-how to the East!

From today our news and blog posts will be published in English and translated into Chinese. We will also promote the content to all the main chinese social media platforms, such as Wechat. We want to bridge and create a link between the two communities. For this reason not only we will translate English content and forward it to the Chinese community, but we will do the same for news and articles coming from the East, giving a outlook of the East to the English speaking communities!

EOS Go is powered by you! If you want to help and contribute to the movement feel free to join the @eosgo group and reach out! #GoEOS !

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