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#EOSIOTools Lamington: deploy, compile and test EOSIO smart contracts


Today 12th of September, Block.one shared a new article where they interview Kevin Brown, the founder of Coinage. In the inteview Kevin talks about their latest tool: Lamington. Lamington is a tool that has many similarities with EOS Studio. In fact it will help to deploy, compile and test EOSIO smart contracts.

In short Lamington, provides the developer of a way to configure VSCode to compile EOS Smart Contracts. With it you will be able to allow VSCode to understand your contracts and Debug your tests. While Lamington supports debugging of your Javacript and Typescript tests, the tool currently doesn't support debugging of C++ code.

According to Coinage, they decided to build Lamington because other projects had some constraints on the creation of smart contracts and didn't work on their preferred language: Typescript.

Read the article of Block.one with the following link: https://eos.io/news/lamington-smart-contract-development/

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