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eosfinex new Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

eosfinex recently launched their new affiliate program to increase the use of their Decentralized Exchanged based on EOS.

The affiliate program allows its participants to earn 25% of the trading fees up to three degrees within their referral networks. In this way, by inviting new people to use eosfinex, it is possible to generate additional profits. In addition, all accounts that have been created through a referral code will receive 6% rebate on their trading fee.

Affiliate Program Example

*"Mary joins through Joe’s code, which means Mary is Joe’s referral.

Chris joins through Mary’s code, so he is Mary’s referral. Steve then clicks on Chris’ code and signs up, so he is Chris’ referral.

So, Mary, Chris and Steve are all in Joe’s referral network. Assuming they’re all actively trading, at the start, Joe will get 18% of Mary’s trading fees, 6% of Chris’ and 2% of Steve’s. Similarly, the scheme applies to anyone in the network."*


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