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EOS Network Foundation Steals The Show From Block.one


Not long ago, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) initiated the process that led to the eventual freezing of 67 million EOS tokens, worth $250 million at the time, which were reserved for Block.one (B1) on a vesting schedule over the next six years. This was a result of failed negotiations between the two parties, following the community’s general hostility towards Block.one for all their broken promises.

Having been founded to pick up the broken pieces left by Block.one and rebuild EOS to its former competence, the EOS Network Foundation has somehow managed to reignite the same excitement that EOS stakeholders had during the ICO days when its price ran up to its all-time highs.

Just last month, the founder of the EOS Network Foundation, Yves La Rose, announced they had acquired the services of three of the top EOSIO engineers in the world, to ensure that the EOS network remains robust and competitive long term. We are also seeing individuals who had left EOS for other blockchain projects, start to return to further the project’s initial vision for the future.

It seems these new initiatives to reignite EOS have also touched people from where the problems started – at Block.one. According to a Twitter account of someone who seems to have insider information on the company; community efforts have also touched the developers working at Block.one, many of whom were poached from the EOS public network, to begin with.

Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 22.01.06 Tweet

Indeed, Daniel Larimer’s resignation from Block.one back in Dec 2020 re-affirmed the decay within the company. Especially when considering that the company recruited EOS enthusiasts who initially went there to help build quality products and services the EOS network deserved. It has become quite obvious over the last four years that Block.one’s priorities weren’t focused on EOS, and perhaps this is what’s leading the exodus of Block.one employees to the EOS network.

We recently learned that Block.one’s Director of Operations of two years has resigned from the company and immediately joined the EOS Network Foundation as its Vice President of Operations.

“I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Vice President of Operations at EOS Network Foundation.” – Jeff Werner (former Director of Operations at B1)

With every passing week, it seems like the EOS Network Foundation is growing stronger and stronger while on the other hand Block.one seems to be spiralling out of control. This crescendo of events possibly could reach its dramatic climax with the EOS Network Foundation’s lawsuit against Block.one.


Jeff Werner (LinkedIn)

Dan seems to have left Block.one

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