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Newdex DefiBox Article Contest to promote EOS DeFi


Newdex launched an article contest to promote its DeFi application platform on EOS: Defibox. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential of EOS in the area of DeFi, while writers can earn generous rewards.

Newdex is the most used decentralised EOS exchange to date, while Defibox is an EOS DeFi project backed and launched by Newdex through the Defibox Foundation that has already launched two protocols: Swap and the USN stablecoin.

The project was launched on 21 July 2020, and is committed to become the most widely used DeFi application platform for EOS users. In the future other products will be launched, like decentralized lending and synthetic assets.

Participants in the Defibox article contest: 'Defibox, Improve the Efficiency of Global Value Circulation', will have carte blanche to write on any topic that always has a Defibox core theme.

The contest started on August 18th, and participants will have until September 7th to publish their article according to the rules indicated on Defibox Article Contest. The activity will be appraised and elected based on the originality (30%), readability (30%), influence (30%) and innovation (10%) of the article.

Then on September 15th the winners will be announced who can win up to 350 BOX tokens, transferred directly to the EOS account indicated.

"With the prosperity of ETH DeFi, EOS project parties are also racing to deploy DeFi. Compared with ETH, the deployment of DeFi on EOS chain is still very competitive. After all, EOS has superior performance. Among all blockchains, EOS has the best scalability and TPS is also the highest. There are no transaction fees for mainnet transfer. Compared with the rising gas cost of ETH, EOS can be said to be the natural soil of DeFi."


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