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Bullish.com Rumors and Speculation, Integration with EOS?


In the Bullish telegram group a user started sharing information regarding Bullish.com, Block.one's next venture, while claiming to be a beta tester. Apparently Bullish will be a crypto exchange backed by Block.One's 200k bitcoins, with 0% taker fees and with every transaction published on the EOS mainnet.

"high liquidity, zero taker fee exchange, 'guarenteed liquidity', initial $2-3B internal liquidity, likely funded to $15B liquidity"

According to the user, Bullish will be "the biggest private liquidity exchange out there", with liquidity provided by the 200,000 bitcoins held by Block.One and with 0% taker fees. All transactions will be hashed and published on the EOS mainnet to ensure transparency, and there will also be numerous EOS trading pairs.

For traders this will be significant, as they will be able to verify on-chain all transactions, plus a high level of liquidity will be guaranteed, so that average traders won't get screwed by non-transparent liquidity fixing.

"I'm also a trader but I think this could be HUGE. I'd definitely trade there and so will many others."

Bullish.com will also aim to collect institutional money through asset management solutions. DeFi-like services are also planned, including deterministic collateral via free lending. Will these be the much discussed ProFi services?

The board will include CME, Asia Pacific and Goldman Sachs. The latter involvement may have been facilitated by Marty Chavez, the former CTO and CFO of Goldmans Sachs that joined Block.One advisory board as chairman in October 2020.

"ultimately folks... the shit is real... it's coming... it looks huge, it's on chain, it can only be good for EOS... IMHO"

Probably one of the software developers working on Bullish's core infrastructure is Jong-Hoo Kim. Jong-Hoo Kim is a Software Engineer at Block.One with experience in developing/designing the hi-frequency trading server running in NYSE colocation.

Bullish.com could be the key to connect the traditional financial world with DeFi and the blockchain environment. EOS could take a huge advantage of this as it will be used to verify every transaction on-chain.

In any case during 2021 we will surely get official news from Block.One, which is preparing to launch a SPAC for Bullish by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Also according to the insider beta tester, "They are panicking that they launch in a bull market so it's all pressure at B1 and bullish right now."

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