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Goldman Sachs's former CTO and CFO joining Block.one's Advisory Board


Block.One recently announced the entry of Marty Chavez, the former CTO and CFO of Goldmans Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world, in the advisory board Block.One as chairman.

Marty Chavez was already known on Wall Street as one of the top technologists in the banking industry. At Goldman Sachs he was already involved with cryptocurrencies, given his role in overseeing the earliest cryptocurrency developments at the bank. Chavez in particular does not believe that cryptocurrencies can usurp the function of fiat currencies backed by goverments, but he does not doubt that they could have great potential especially in the financial sector.

In this regard, during meetings with the Block.One team the discussions never dealt about the EOS token and / or blockchain, but focused on something else. His role as a chairman of Block.One's advisory board will be more focused on further strengthening Block.One's strategies for the future and not particularly for EOS, as well as expand networks and help develop a governance framework.

"There is a coin that is associated with Block.one and that is the EOS coin as you know. In all my discussions with the team, I have been focused elsewhere. I don’t think any of these things are competing with US dollar."


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