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BlockBase released their smart contracts on Jungle Testnet


BlockBase recently announced the release of their smart contracts in the EOSIO Jungle testnet. BlockBase is a distributed system, based on EOSIO, that applies blockchain related paradigms to provide secure and distributed database storage services.

Their system is based on the implementation of sidechains linked to the EOS mainnet, which will be used to store databases and data operations.Currently the team is focused on testing the sidechains consensus mechanism on Jungle.

Users can use BlockBase Explorer to test the Network Tracker and find their documentation. While the software is available for download on the BlockBase Node GitHub Repo.

They have also introduced new features to their Airgrab. In fact since December 20 every account that signs up for an airgrab should be at least one month old and should hold at least one EOS unstaked or staked to CPU or NET.


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