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EOSLocally becomes CryptoLocally and announces to support cryptos from other chains!


EOSLocally, originally the first P2P EOS trading platform, recently announced a rebranding to reflect the company’s evolution into a multi-cryptocurrency P2P platform, which will now be named CryptoLocally.


EOSLocally has been providing a person-to-person trading platform for EOS since its launch in late 2019; they have also recently added new EOS-based tokens available for trading on their platform (BOS, TLOS, WAX, EOSDT and EOS-USDT). With the latest rebranding announcement they will soon support new tokens from other blockchains outside of EOS.

EOSLocally, now named CryptoLocally, is a non-custodial service where users retain their private keys. The platform never holds users’ funds, and during a transaction the crypto is sent directly to the smart contract on-chain, which is then secured by the escrow until the end of the trade. With no deposits necessary, no third party can lay a hand on the users’ crypto, and the user always retains control in this system.

On CryptoLocally, users can trade directly with one another, making the transactions simple, fast and more flexible. Users don’t need any trading skills to use a P2P trading platform and can trade from anywhere, using the currency of their choice — even the ones ignored by the traditional banking industry. This gives a chance to any user to play a part in the current and future crypto-economic revolution.

Other than changing its name, EOSLocally intends to extend its P2P trading services to tokens from other chains outside of EOS, but we’ll need to wait a bit more for a new announcement for details on which chains and tokens they are planning to support.

Until then, you can start using CryptoLocally.com by signing up without any KYC and creating an offer in just a few minutes to start trading EOS and other EOS-based tokens.

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