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Social App Newlife.ai with 70,000 users to join Telos


The decentralized social network Newlife.ai has entered into a partnership with the Telos Foundation, under which it will launch its smart contracts on the Telos blockchain. What are the terms and features of this partnership?

Newlife is a social media platform with a focus on arts, fashion and design. Currently the dApp is launched on a single EOSIO node, where they receive more than 70,000 visits and over 1.1M of transactions per month. They are also affiliated with fashion retailers such as Farfetch and SSENSE.

Through the partnership, the Telos Foundation and Newlife.ai, will focus on establishing a co-branded blockchain product that will use the TLOS token to trade content and ideas between users, brands, and content creators.

"Telos is the first blockchain to extend its platform-level governance engine for use by any application deployed on the network, and this lets us keep our users in control of their experience." - Vector Newman, CEO of Newlife.ai


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