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EOS' migration to Mandel takes First Steps


The first release candidate of Mandel 3.0 has taken its first step towards the takeover of the EOSIO codebase. This release further builds on the EOSIO 2.0 codebase while adding the best features from EOSIO 2.1. This first release will first be launched on a public testnet for testing by the community before its final release which is scheduled for the 1st of March 2022.

Some of Mandel’s new features to be deployed include:

  • Configurable WASM Limits – enables Block Producers to increase the size of the smart contracts that can be deployed allowing larger, faster, and more powerful contracts to be deployed.

  • Action Return Values – enable more powerful data access and generates proofs for inter-blockchain communication (IBC).

  • Get Code Hash – unlocks the ability to read the contract version of another account. This enables security and performance enhancements.

  • Updates to Mandel system contracts – privileged smart contracts that are maintained by Block Producers and enable new features to be added without requiring all full nodes to upgrade. Mandel system contracts also support enhancements to facilitate ‘Contract Pays’, a feature that will enable smart contracts to pay for transactions on behalf of their users.

Public testing of Mandel 3.0 is expected to be a quick process as most of its other features have already been tested on EOSIO 2.1. In the meantime, ƒractally (previously known as clarionOS) will port the Mandel 3.0 features onto EOSIO 2.1 to create Mandel 2.3; enabling Block Producers that have upgraded to EOSIO 2.1 to migrate to Mandel 2.3 while staying in sync with the EOS network.

Here’s what the roadmap for this rollout looks like:img

Stay tuned. More will be coming next week”– Daniel Larimer (EOS & EOSIO architect)


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