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EOS New York ceased operations, the team will join Block.One!


Despite being one of the founding block producers, EOS New York hasn't reached the top 21 on the EOS mainnet for a long time now. Today was announced the shut down of their block production operations, but even more important is that the team will join Block.One!

EOS New York has always been a great contributor to the EOSIO community, regardless of their position as Block Producer.They were instrumental in the removal of the EOS constitution, replacing it with the EOS User Agreement, as well as many other improvements. Losing such a dedicated and professional team would have been a big loss for the community, but fortunately now we can be sure that they will continue to improve the ecosystem together with the Block.One team!

“Over the years, Rick, Kevin, and their team have shown tremendous dedication, professionalism, and globally-inclusive collaboration, and we are excited for them to join our team” - Brendan Blumer, CEO

This is also a great example of how Block.One always keeps an eye on the community, and doesn't miss the opportunity to strengthen this side of EOSIO as well.

"At Block.one, we will remain active, vocal, and informed EOS community members, so please give us time to settle into our new roles. We will have some updates to share before long." - Kevin Rose, EOS New York

Good luck to EOS New York on your next journey!


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