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Bountyblok Is Now Integrated With Zapier


Bountyblok announced the new integration with Zapier, which will allow users to reward their fans and followers on socials network seamlessly while tracking everything on-chain.

Bountyblok is a gamification platform based on EOSIO, which allows clients to create challenges and tasks that utilize gaming mechanics to motivate and promote their user engagement. While Zapier is a platform that automates tasks from a series of applications, such as Gmail, Twitter, Trello, and now also bountyblok!.

The integration of bountyblok with Zapier makes it even easier to keep track of engagement and progression of your fans, as well as reward them automatically. By activating bountyblok via Zapier to encourage users to perform any specific actions, Zapier will notify bountyblok's API that will then update users' progress. And it's also tracked on the EOS mainnet.


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