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Decentralized Identity System based on EOSIO now adopted in South Korea


On January 21st of this year the South Korean Military Manpower Administration, MMA, launched its decentralized identity system on its own blockchain based on EOSIO. This is the first attempt to use a DID system based on a blockchain adopted by a public institution, and could serve as an example for future attempts.

The system was developed by the South Korean government's blockchain public pilot project in collaboration with Raon Secure, a Korean authentication and security company, which provided "Omni One", the EOSIO-based DID platform.

The first results of this first month activity have been released and are clearly significant. The MMA blockchain reached over 50,000 usage records, with an increasing number of new users that are already using the DID system.

The number of potential users of the Civil Service portal is 1.65 million. There are 350,000 people in the draft test and 1.3 million in the mobilization reserve army. Considering the number of potential users, this kind of services could expand further in the near future, and has a great demand.

"Through this, we expect to increase the convenience of user authentication and recuse costs, to issue the pathological certificate and simplify the processing, and to expand the node and service by securing the blockchain infrastructure"

The system is very simple, all you need to do is scan the QR code via your smartphone and complete the screening with fingerprint recognition.

"We have improved the system to minimize inconvenience of self-identification service of existing civil complaints. We have shortened the time for handling complaints and established an administrative processing system."


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