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LiquidScheduler: New Service from the DAPP Network


LiquidApps recently announced the latest service of the DAPP Network: LiquidScheduler. LiquidScheduler is a cron-like scheduling service that enables simple, decentralized task automation.

Developers will be able to stake DAPP tokens to a DSP that offers a LiquidScheduler service package, and then execute preapproved transactions for a second moment.

LiquidScheduler Potential Usage Examples

LiquidScheduler for Blockchain Gaming

"game developers can automate the process of delivering digital goods to their users, creating a seamless gaming experience."

Watch suns spawn in LiquidGalaxy, thanks to LiquidScheduler working behind the scenes

LiquidScheduler for Community Management

"projects could run regular airdrops to reward community members who are most active on social media platforms."


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