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BOID Launches New NFT Cards Series


The BOID team announced the launch of its own series of NFT Cards to enhance the mining experience for all BOID users and increase the return from mining BOID.

BOID is a social computer platform operating on EOS, that allows its users to earn from sharing their unused computer resources by Mining BOID tokens. Actually what is happening when users mine BOID is they allow Boid to access and utilize spare computing resources on their personal computers or devices according to the times set by the users themselves and durations when those resources would otherwise be idle.

The new series of NFTs is entitled "The Science Series", the first card released presents Nikola Tesla, an innovator since his time, whose insights are considered revolutionary even today. For example, a method to transfer electricity wirelessly, which has not yet been able to be implemented on a large scale, but has inspired the creation of the Internet.

In any case, owning these special NFTs will help BOID users to increase their profitability within the mining platform. In order to purchase the cards users can participate in an auction within the BOID website, which will end on November 16th.



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