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BOID and BlockBase Partner For Multiplayer Game


BOID and BlockBase recently announced a new partnership to build a new innovative large-scale multiplayer strategy game. The game will be stored on BlockBase, and powered through the BOID Network.

BlockBase is a distributed system, based on EOSIO, that applies blockchain related paradigms to provide secure and distributed database storage services. While BOID is a social computer platform operating on EOS, that allows its users to earn from sharing their unused computer resources by Mining BOID tokens.

By integrating these two platforms, BOID and BlockBase, the two projects are planning to launch a new large-scale multiplayer strategy game, which will implement innovative gamification systems featuring BOID tokens and the brand new BOID NFTs.

BlockBase will therefore be fundamental to store all in-game actions, and produce a historical and verifiable proof of everything that happens inside the game. This will be possible by using a sidechain developed specifically for this purpose.

Not many details have been shared yet, but this could become an interesting new system to give new capabilities and value to all the NFTs we are seeing released on EOSIO.

“Since data stored on an EOSIO chain is not encrypted and can get quite expensive quickly, we looked into BlockBase tech to use its built in privacy while also saving on costs.” - John Heeter, founder of Boid


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