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Blankos Launching Open Beta on December 10th


The Blankos team announced the launch of the Open Beta starting from December 10, which means that already next week anyone will have free access to the beta version of the videogame based on EOSIO.

The private beta was released now 2 weeks ago, and in this short period of time, Myythical Games, the producers of Blankos Block Party, have been able to gather a lot of feedbacks from early gamers.

Apart from that, the team has reached three great milestones that led them to transition from private beta to open beta for December 10th: 1. They hit 100,000 registered accounts who've officially signed up for Beta access 2. The Discord channel has over 15,500 fans 3. In just 2 weeks of private beta, gamers created 1600 new blocks.

In addition, with the start of the open beta, sales of Founder Packs will be discontinued, starting December 13. In any case, get ready to spend the next Christmas holidays with your family playing Blankos;)


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