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Beyond Blockchain - The latest Hackathon from EOSIO


The start of the new EOSIO Hackathon organized by Block.One is just 7 days away. To gather more insight, the Bywire team interviewed two judges: Block.One's Head of Development, Serg Metelin and Rudy Koch, Co-founder of Mythical Games.

"The demand for innovation is stronger now than ever before—with blockchain solutions at the forefront. That’s why this year, in partnership with Google Cloud, Galaxy Interactive, and Mythical Games, we’re hosting an #eosiohackathon. We want to help people build and innovate through the combined power of blockchain and the cloud."

Key points from the interview:

  • This Hackathon will also be more inclusive towards developers outside of the EOSIO community and the blockchain industry, thanks in part to the partnership with Google Cloud.
  • The partnership with Google Cloud was also instrumental in inviting more than 1,000 Google Developer Groups to participate in the Hackathon.
  • Even though Dan has left Block.One, there are plenty of talented engineers who continue to work on and improve the EOSIO software
  • This hackathon will be critical to understanding the potential between a combination of blockchain and cloud technology.
  • Blockchain allows to unlock the true value potential of digital game items and get creative with game economies to open up new revenue streams


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