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Metamask can now be used on EOS


The most famous browser extension wallet Metamask can now be used directly on EOS, thanks to the work done by EOS Argentina.

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet, originally created for Ethereum, that can be used either via a browser extension or as an app on iOS and Android and allows users to interact with various dApps.

Metamask is an extremely popular wallet in the crypto industry and is among the most secure around. Your wallet's private key stays inside MetaMask and no scam website would be able to steal it. However, it is a non-custodian wallet, so the seed and password are guarded only by you.

TThrough integration with EOS, you can now use Metamask to:

  • Start exploring EOS Decentralized Applications
  • Transfer EOS tokens
  • Manage resources and fees
  • Navigate to Block Explorers
  • Connect any dApp

The integration is extremely easy to use, and could help new users not yet comfortable using EOS, take their first steps into the ecosystem.


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