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FinLab EOS VC invests in AlgoTrader, and will use EOSIO


AlgoTrader, an algorithmic trading provider, recently received an investment from FinLab EOS VC Fund for an undisclosed seven-digit amount. With this investment they are preparing to integrate the EOSIO software within their trading solution.

The company had already received CHF 5.2M in a series A round, in addition to the funds invested by FinLab EOS VC. FinLab EOS VC, in partnership with Block.One, is now one of the largest investors in financial services technologies and blockchain in Europe.

AlgoTrader's platform allows traders to integrate their algorithmic trading strategies for both traditional markets and digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. This is providing institutional traders and banks with a new and fast way to safely invest their clients' money in these emerging markets.

“AlgoTrader closes this gap with their trading and execution platform and we are convinced that it will become the leading engine for both traditional and digital assets. In addition to an algorithmic trading solution, which offers the highest usability and functionality for investors and issuers, and we also believe in the company’s management team, which consists of complementary skill sets and experienced managers with institutional finance backgrounds,” - Juan Rodriguez, Managing Director of FinLab EOS VC Fund

At the moment, the AlgoTrader team is working on integrating the EOSIO software into its systems to improve its audit procedures.

“With expensive traditional audit procedures becoming void through the data persistence and security that comes along with the utilization of blockchain technology, we are enabling further efficiency by integrating EOSIO, the most highly performant, scalable and reliable blockchain solution on the market,” - Bartosz Wojcik, CTO of AlgoTrader AG


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