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This Week: A Widely Integrated EOS ecosystem

This past week has seen the growth of the EOS ecosystem highlighted through funding and public relations initiatives. The funding and public relations initiatives are ensuring that EOS is an integral blockchain link that provides users with a cheaper, faster, and more performant alternative for their Web3 needs.

The growth of GameFi and DeFi sectors within the EOS ecosystem are being targeted through such funding initiatives as these are the sectors (gaming and finance) believed to be vital for users within a blockchain ecosystem. Interoperability with other blockchain ecosystems helps to put EOS a step ahead in providing a seamless Web3 experience.

Pomelo Grants Season 6 concludes

After a month of grant applications and grant donations, Pomelo Grants has concluded its groundbreaking multichain multi-pool season. Season 6 saw a total of 118 grant projects get approval for funding, with a total of 3,521 in donations from donors.

According to information shared by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), the top 10 projects with the highest funding pool match from Pomelo Grants Season 6 include:

  1. Pink Cat Eating Papaya ($13k estimated match)
  2. EVMNS (EOS-EVM Name Service) ($13k estimated match)
  3. Metahub Wallet ($13k estimated match)
  4. Noah Swap DEX ($13k estimated match)
  5. NewChat ($13k estimated match)
  6. BitBeasts ($8.8k estimated match)
  7. NFT Game Stats ($6.6k estimated match)
  8. EOS Support ($5.95k estimated match)
  9. Open Block Explorer ($4.8k estimated match)
  10. EOS Audit ($4.1k estimated match).

These ten grant projects participated in four separate funding matching pools, with each pool catering for a distinct category within the industry of decentralized blockchain applications (dApps) on EOS, EOS EVM, and Telos blockchain ecosystems. Across all 118 grant projects approved for funding; a total of 40,316 EOS and 1,040 TLOS were raised for these projects which deliver what is considered to be public goods services.

More support for EOS EVM

Recently EOS EVM developments took the spotlight as several partnerships, initiatives, and integrations were announced. This past week, multichain crypto wallet with over 3.5 million users worldwide, Math Wallet, announced support for EOS EVM.

MathWallet has support for over 150 blockchains and will give its millions of users the ability to switch to EOS EVM; by creating or importing wallets, and transferring and depositing into EOS EVM accounts.

In addition to being multichain, its app is also multi-platform with an iOS and android app, a web wallet, a web extension app, and support for hardware wallets such as Ledger. Math Wallet users will gain easy access to the EOS ecosystem with dApps like Noah Swap, Neutroswap, the EOS EVM explorer, and EVM bridge, which are all available on the MATH dApp Store.

The ENF spreading the word about EOS to other communities

For the past couple of weeks the ENF has been invited and/or featured in various websites, podcasts, and social media channels for interviews. As mentioned in a weekly recap from the other week, features from popular websites such as Cointelegraph, U.Today, and Cryptonews, as well as interviews from the likes of Binance and Real Vision, about “the new EOS” suggest a great EOS reset.

“EOS is probably one of the few truly community led Web3 projects out there since the original founders ghosted the project.” - Wavect

Likewise, this past week the ENF had an interview with Wavect, a Web3 software agency that hosts a Web3 podcast with top industry experts. Also an AMA interview with Crypto Miners, a leading marketing & educational firm with over 200k followers on Twitter. These series of interviews will have a snowball effect as more people in the industry learn about the story of EOS and the steps its community has taken towards reclaiming its spot as one of the top crypto projects.

> Suggested Read: Is Block.one's House of Blocks Crumbling? <

Excerpt - A company called Block.one, founded in 2016 by Brendan Blumer, Daniel Larimer, and Brock Pierce, ran, by far, the biggest ICO this industry has ever seen. The company came with bold statements, global marketing campaigns, and a bigger budget than all the other companies running ICO’s at the time. When it was all said and done the company had raised over $4 billion in the span of a year.

As of writing EOS is trading at $0.75 (up from last week’s price of $0.74). EOS is currently doing $121 million in daily trading volume, and its market cap sits at $829 million. This week sees EOS drop two spots to the 52nd position by market cap rankings after having shot into the top 50 the week before. All stats are based on CoinMarketCap data.


Pomelo Grants Season 6 concludes

More support for EOS EVM

The ENF spreading the word about EOS to other communities (Crypto Miners interview)

The ENF spreading the word about EOS to other communities (Wavect interview)

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