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Brendan Blumer: I’m a loud supporter of EOS and that’s not changing


On twitter some members of the community complained about how they don't think Block.One is doing enough to promote the EOS mainnet, and consequently the EOS token, but rather focusing solely on the EOSIO narrative. Brendan Blumer intervened by underlining how they continue to be focused on EOS.

The whole discussion started from a tweet of rektkid: "This market does not give a solitary fuck about $EOS. Change my mind. ", focusing in particular on the fact that improving EOSIO software does not necessarily mean improving the EOS market. In order to have improvements also from this last point of view, a greater interconnection of the EOSIO chains with the mainnet would be needed. Creating one large community and network.

Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.One, responded to these comments:

"I’m a loud supporter of #EOS and that’s not changing, but I also a support other forms of #EOSIO innovation; that’s decentralisation at its best. As the software and products mature, I’m sure you’ll see lots of connectivity between projects that today seem isolated." - Tweet


"Our protocol teams is always working to take scalability to a new level. These are not overnight things, but relative to any other software base out there, I believe EOSIO is years ahead on this front." - Tweet


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