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Block.One's #CodingForChange winners announced


On June 1st #CodingForChange, an EOSIO Hackathon organized by Block.One that took place entirely virtually, ended. Today the winners were announced: EOS Costa Rica, who with their "LifeBank" solution earn a prize of $100,000.

The goal of the hackathon was to provide new solutions for the new challenges caused by the dramatic situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. EOS Costa Rica with Lifebank, aimed to solve the shortage of blood donations that resulted worldwide due to the various lockdowns. By using the EOSIO blockchain technology, LifeBank users can create EOS accounts to manage their entire blood donation process.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of our critical systems. Many of the projects that we evaluated proposed innovative ways to assist individuals and businesses in recovering from the economic and social ramifications of the pandemic. We selected Lifebank as the winner of the hackathon for their use of blockchain technology to solve a seemingly intractable problem: blood donation shortage in the wake of large-scale disruptions. They are positioned to help secure the healthcare supply chain in the future, and we’re excited to watch their continued success.” - Brendan Blumer

The EOSIO Virtual Hackathon has been a huge success, with 900 participants in over 90 countries. The projects proposed offered solutions for a variety of industries, with concepts for micro-university, encouraging trust in donations, or distributed marketplace, all taking full advantage of the EOSIO blockchain technology.

For a list of the best solutions proposed, head to: Coding For Change


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