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Coding For Change: New EOSIO Virtual Hackathon


Block.One today announced a new EOSIO Hackathon and this time it goes virtual! Since the whole world is now in quarantine it's impossible to organize a hackathon in person and this is the solution offered by B1: #CodingForChange, the virtual hackathon open to everyone with a prize of $100,000.

Anyone can sign up and participate in the event, which will cover solutions for all the fragilities of traditional systems that COVID-19 has brought to light. Both in terms of "trustworthy data" and "gulf between those in power and the powerless". In any case, the details of the challenge will be published at the start date, May 1, in less than a week.

The judges will be Brendan Blumer and Dan Larimer, CEO and CTO of Block.One, Serg Metelin, Head of Developer Relations of Block.One and Ivan Liljeqvist, aka Ivan On Tech.

We look forward to more news and team solutions! #GoEOS!


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