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Block.one Call for Participation: Experience and Feedback on EOSIO 2.1 RC


The release of EOSIO 2.1 is proceeding as planned, the community of developers and block producers have already proceeded to test the release candidate, and Block.One is moving forward to work on the various feedback received.

On December 15, 2020, Block.one announced the release of EOSIO 2.1, an upgraded version of its flagship software EOSIO. In this release new features will be implemented to make it easier to build large-scale applications on the platform, and to maintain them once they're deployed.

"We continue to address developer and industry needs while enhancing the overall capabilities of EOSIO, to make it faster, more configurable, and accessible to a wider range of developers as well as public and private institutions. EOSIO will persist as a blockchain protocol suitable for the growth of both open networks and private enterprises."


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